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Recipe nameShepherd's Pie
Main ingredientGround Beef
Number of servings5
Cooking typeWestern
Time required1 hour
Difficulty **
Suggested wines
Ingredients1 lb ground beef
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
2 sticks of celery
Some frozen veggies
Any other non-frozen veggies you want to get rid of.
3-4 potatoes
Pepper/Salt to taste
Worchestershire Sauce
1 or 2 Eggs
Parmesan Cheese
DirectionsSet the oven to 350 degrees.

Dice your potatoes and put them in a pot. Cover them with water and boil. Boil them on high until poking them with a fork is easy. (More than 5 minutes). If poking them with a fork makes them disintegrate, then don't do that. You just want them soft enough to mash.

Remove from heat and drain the water. Add a good spoonful of butter. Take a clove of garlic, run it through the garlic press and add it to the potatoes. Add a splash of milk and mash. If the potatoes are not mashy enough, add more milk. If you add too much milk, put the potatoes back on heat and evaporate off the extra liquid. Once you have your mashed potatoes, cover and set aside.

Do this while the potatoes are boiling. Brown the beef in a frying pan with oil. Dice up an onion and/or garlic and throw it in there until the onions are soft. Add celery, and any other not frozen vegetables you are adding. Turn off the heat under the meat and let sit.

If the potatoes are happily boiling, and the meat is happily cooking, then do this part.

Get a small bowl and crack two eggs into it. Put in an enthusiastic amount of worchestershire sauce, some salt, pepper, and any other spices you want (basil is good, just poke through the spice rack and find stuff that would taste good with beef). Whisk the egg mix in the bowl and set aside.

Grab the corningware dish from the cupboard, and fill it to about 1/4 with frozen veggies.

Once the meat mixture is done, add it to the corningware dish, and mix it with the frozen veggies. Take your egg mixture and pour it over the meat/veggies mix. Mix it in so the egg is evenly distributed.

Take your mashed potatoes and spread it over the top of the meat and veggies. Using a fork, spread the potato so all the meat and veggies are covered. Make peaks in the potato with the fork so you can get those nice crispy bits.

Cover the whole mess with a generous sprinkling of Parmesan. Throw the whole thing into the oven without a cover, and set the timer for 20minutes.
NotesThe veggies in this are not so important - whatever you have kicking around will work.

If you really want crispy potato bits, do the last 5 minutes in the oven on broil.

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